The evolution of the logo

The evolution of the logo

We have been working for a long time in handcrafting our company logo.
A logo is the image of the company, the first thing you remember when you think about the company or its name.

As a little indie studio we wanted to give the best first impression we could, and that’s the reason we didn’t release our website until we perfectioned the logo as much as possible.
Logos tend to evolution with time, pairing up with the company’s philosophy, but we tried to rush this time to show the most evolved image we could get.

As we describe in the website, the mix of our influence from Japan and the company’s philosophy, which is “trying hard and never giving up, until you accomplish anything you want”, made us redo and redo the logo as many times as necessary until we got the one we looked for.
And here is the evolution and final design:


On the first design we thought about making a squared logo, as the typical Japanese “hankos”, then we thought to make it round to give a more personal, lovely image.

On the second image we see a finer design of the seal we wanted: we changed the script of the name and added “waku waku doki doki” on the borders, as well as the three typical videogames hearts.
Those represent three lives that remind us of something we learn from games: “if you lose one life you can still try and try again with new ones”, which makes you try hard to loose as few lives as possible because they are finite and valuable.

On the third design we tried changing the position of the hearts and the company name, to give more visibility to the name.

On the fourth picture we see a clearer evolution to what we had in mind: to imitate the paper effect when the tint of the seal dries on it.

And on the last image we finalized the logo by changing the kanji by a katakana symbol and giving the burgundy red a more vivid color.

We crafted our logo, as the image of the company, with lots of love and dedication, what we do with our indie games, too. That’s why the logo symbolizes the seal of quality of our games.

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