That’s how we work

That’s how we work

como se hizo-Victor

We are a group of family members. Victor (Manager and Coder) and Marta (Tester and Marketing Developer) live together in Doha, Qatar. Silvia (Designer and Artist), Andrés (Artist) and Agus (Musician) live with their respective families in Barcelona. Some of our collaborators work in Andorra. We have a long travel distance between each of our members meaning we have to face a very challenging situations in order to be aligned and organised. Below is a description of some of the tools and techniques we use to solve these multi-based challenges.

 Victor and me travel to Barcelona approximately two to three times per year, where we usually have more plans and things to do than time permits making it difficult to meet together with the team to work. That’s why we found a way of getting together almost every day using ‘Google Hangouts’.

We also work with Scrum, which allow us to be updated almost daily of what the other team members are doing, how are they doing, what kind of problems they are facing, etc. Once a week we meet via webcam for approximately one hour to assign new tasks and to show each other our individual progress.

como se hizo - Silvia

Due to our strong friendship from living in Barcelona together (except for Andrés, who is new to the “family” since a couple of months ago, but merged very well in the group), it’s easy for us to connect and understand each other. We do our best to impress people with our work and to develop interesting unique games for everyone to enjoy in their own way.

We hope you like our new indie game when it comes out, Spread The Party, stay updated!


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