Team Waku Doki

Victor Zurriaga


Being just a child, I was fascinated when I saw, through a display window, an 8-bit computer game running. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and decided, at that very moment, to become a Software Developer.

Since then I’ve worked in several companies, developing small mobile games and also huge AAA titles for seventh generation consoles.

I love Japanese culture, games, electronics, dancing, music, karate, kobudo, nature and, of course, spending some quality time with my family. This love has helped shape the company I created and the games I develop.

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Alex Lopez Monivas


I’ve been drawing my whole life and in the lasts 14 years, I have been fortunate to be able to do it professionally.
I have worked on TV animation series and video and editorial illustration as “character designer”, “background artist” or “concept artist”.
The team put such a huge confidence on me and gave me all the freedom I always wanted when creating art.
I am passionate about science fiction, horror and, of course, animation and video games. Working in Waku Doki Games was the professional challenge I was looking forward.

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Silvia Zurriaga



I am a Interior designer, I’m creative, I enjoy art in all its aspects and styles whether it be digital, on paper, on clothes, on a wall, anywhere.

I grew up with two video game addicts, my brothers, Víctor and Oscar. Not surprisingly, they became game developers which I share with them their experiences and evolution.

I like getting lost in Nature, going out looking for “adventures” with my family, sharing a good cartoon movie with my children… I enjoy the small things in life.

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Andrés García


I began my adventure in the world of visual artists since I picked up my first pencil in Art class. Since then, Ive been following my dreams as a child through to adulthood.

I’ve loved videogames, animation and comics since I can remember.This is why I know my purpose to focus that positive energy into creating dreams and magic with my own hands.

I mainly enjoy dreaming about stories and worlds that have a purpose and aim to teaches a lesson. One day, I hope my dream will come true in a videogame, animation or comic. In the meantime, I keep playing videogames, listening to epic soundtracks and taking care of my lovely kitten, Zelda.

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Agustín Caja



Music is my passion, since I was 8 years old I’ve been immersed in music. I’ve made themes for theatre, video games, commercials and played as a musician in different kinds of bands.

For me, Spread The Party is a musical challenge, a new angle within musical composition, great technical features with the backing of a fantastic team of which I’m glad to be a part of.

In my free time, I love playing with my son, writing scripts, working on new projects and going for a walk to discover new places.

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Manel Ayats


Creating games and working with game mechanics has always been my passion.
I started designing my own games at 8. Just by drawing, painting and cutting my own boards and pieces.
At 17 I discovered the amazing world of RPGs.
27 years later I still organize and play games regularly as game director.
I’ll do my best with the Zluoride Z game to give back to the community some of the fun time I had playing.
My favorites: The Call of Cthulhu, MERP (The Lord of the Rings) and Star Wars.
I also worked eight years in the IT department of Intermarché, studied dramatic art and played in a short.
In my free time, I do amateur drawing and painting and, of course, I like music, film, animation and reading good novels and comics.
I love nature, animals and having a good time with my friends.

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Filza Khan


Design and visual communication are my passions. As a designer, games have been a big part of my learning and my work.
I like to work with the attitude of being excited, being engaged and creating an experience with whatever I do, be it design work or community managing!
When I’m not working, I like to read and play my guitar

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