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When we first thought about creating the soundtrack for Spread The Party, we wanted it to be a dance track where the player could mix different elements along the game. (…) Read more…

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Spread The Party - Wake up the neighbors

Spread The Party – Wake Up The Neighbours” is the first game by Waku Doki Games. It’s about a kid who dreams to be a DJ and, every night, he takes his paper boxes, which, in his imagination, he converts into sound equipment in front of buildings. Using this sound equipment, he wakes up all the neighbours and makes them dance to the rhythm of his music.

The game is based on the lights-out-puzzle, and it’s a free game with In-App purchases. Each level of the game consists on a building facade in which the player has to push some windows to make all of them light up. The idea is to wake up the neighbours with the music of the DJ, and for every pack of windows the player gets to light up, he discovers new musical instruments matching with the beat of the song.

We intend to develop the game for Ouya, Steam, and later on mobile phone platforms.

Wake up the neighbors

Mix up the music

Solve the puzzles

Discover the lights

Feel the power of the DJ

Get the maximum score

3 thoughts on "Spread The Party"

  1. OUYAForumcom

    Love the Puzzle game in this. You should definitely post about this game in the “OUYA Developer Projects – Games/Apps Under Development” folder on our OUYAForum. I’m sure all the OUYA fans there would love to see this!!

  2. pitot312

    Great game!! I love the two games in one: the strategy to switch on all the lights and the DJ’s role to add music instruments to the piece!! Totally addictive!

  3. Haven Luckenbill

    God, it’s so simple… the graphics are super basic, and the gameplay is nothing but Lights Out, one of the simplest and most common video game puzzles… but, god help me, I love it! The music absolutely *makes* this game. If it’s already this enthralling in such a basic form, imagine what it could be if you guys really flesh it out! I hope you guys turn put some work & money into making this an amazing OUYA game. Good luck!

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