How we made: The Music

How we made: The Music

The music in “Spread The Party – Wake Up The Neighbours” is one of the most important items. Everything in our game is related to the music: the DJ, his dream, the way of playing, matching the loops with the puzzle game to score points, the lights of the city lightening to the rhythm, the disco effect behind the buildings and in the music itself. We aim to educate all kinds of ears, giving higher scores if you push the window at the same time that the loop begins and gaining new musical instruments as you wake up more neighbours to dance, until you build the whole song.

Here is how Agus, our musician, created this first track, named “Spread The Party – All The People Go To Dance”:

Agus Victor Marta      Agus

 “When we first thought about creating the soundtrack for Spread The Party, we wanted it to be a dance track where the player could mix different elements along the game. Maybe that’s the reason why I tried to incorporate musical instruments of different kinds. I incorporated classical instruments like the piano, violin and combined the voice with several sequencers, synthesisers and electronic elements. I also thought about including classical guitars to give it a spanish, more temperamental flavour. Even the basic dance style rhythms have some latin music elements which combine with the different rhythmic elements throughout the game.

A total of 89 loops have been created with more than 22 instruments and voices, which the player will discover as he plays and solves the puzzles. These loops give the player the feeling of multiple themed variations, as if the player was really developing the music on a mixing desk.

What we’ve tried to achieve, is mixing all this in a cocktail shaker, blend it, shake it… and we got “Spread The Party – All The People Go To Dance”.

Agus Caja and Marta de Castro

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