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  • The evolution of the logo

    We have been working for a long time in handcrafting our company logo. A logo is the image of the company, the first thing you remember when you think about the company or its name. As a little indie studio we wanted to give the best first impression we could, and that’s the reason we…
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  • We are improving the art style

    Silvia designs the facades, Andrés draws them, Marta selects them for each building and Victor puts them together in the Unity engine. And that’s the evolution: That’s the first iteration: That’s the second iteration with bump mapping: And those are some of the pieces we are using to compose our buildings: What do you think? Do…
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  • How we made: The Music

    The music in “Spread The Party – Wake Up The Neighbours” is one of the most important items. Everything in our game is related to the music: the DJ, his dream, the way of playing, matching the loops with the puzzle game to score points, the lights of the city lightening to the rhythm, the…
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  • …and that’s where we work:

    We work in different countries: As many distributed teams we work in different countries. Some of us work in Doha (Qatar), some of us work in Molins de Rei (Spain) some in Vilafranca (Spain). Some of our collaborators work in Andorra. Since it’s a long distance between each of our members we have to face a very…
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  • That’s how we work

    We are a group of family members. Victor (Manager and Coder) and Marta (Tester and Marketing Developer) live together in Doha, Qatar. Silvia (Designer and Artist), Andrés (Artist) and Agus (Musician) live with their respective families in Barcelona. Some of our collaborators work in Andorra. We have a long travel distance between each of our…
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  • New website

    I’ts a pleasure to introduce you to our new website! We are currently developing our WakuDoki web, our new blog (this page!) and our new landing page for our games. The development of Spread The Party is on it’s way, and we are putting a lot of effort in polishing every  part of the game…
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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to our new WakuDoki Games website! Comment, link it, like it on Facebook and subscribe to get our news! Waku Doki Team
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