…and that’s where we work:

…and that’s where we work:


We work in different countries:

As many distributed teams we work in different countries. Some of us work in Doha (Qatar), some of us work in Molins de Rei (Spain) some in Vilafranca (Spain). Some of our collaborators work in Andorra. Since it’s a long distance between each of our members we have to face a very challenging situation in order to be aligned and organized. We’ll talk about some of the tools we use to solve those challenges in another post.

We work in strange places:

Creating a game is a lot of work and we have to work a very long time. That’s why we often ended up working in some strange places like an airplane, the airport, a summer terrace, a mall, the park with our kids, the library… Working for long hours can be boring sometimes, so, when we realize we have been sitting for too long in the same place, we like to change, go out, work somewhere else, have a coffee, try something different… and then come back. We found that this helps us to be more creative and productive.

There’s also an article about “Exploring the effects of ambient noise on creative cognition” (you can check it here), apparently a moderate to low level of ambient noise activates abstract cognition and enhances creative performance while concentrating. There are even some apps you can download to hear the noise and focus on what you are doing! We prefer the real thing when possible, so we just go and sit in a cafe and it really works!
If you don’t really like ambient noise or you get distracted by it, you can try and listen to nature sounds like birds, thunderstorms, a rainforest or even dolphins! It works very well. Try it out here.

The other reason we use to end up working outside the office is because some of us are living away from our families and we are used to traveling a lot to visit them. We use the time to work while waiting at the airport or in the plane during the 6 h time flying to our destiny. 
We hope this helps you have a better picture of how we work and maybe get you some tips on how to be more productive. Same way, if you have any good idea to share with us to be more efficient, we’ll be thankful to read it!
We’ll like to hear from you and discover strange places you ended up working 🙂 Thanks for reading and feel free to comment!

Victor Zurriaga and Marta de Castro

PapaRoti Silvia bilioteca

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